Ninth Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics Workshop

Journal Clubs

Journal Clubs will precede the workshop and will cover topics related to what the speakers will be presenting during the workshop.

DateTimeLocationTitlePDFRemote URL
July 14, 202212:00pm - 2:00pmBCC 0-12101Journal Club on Dr. Kirchhausen's research: Paper - "Inherited nuclear pore substructures template post-mitotic pore assembly"PDF IconPaperZoom Link
July 15, 202212:30pm - 2:30pmBCC 0-12101Journal Club on Dr. Zhang's research: Paper - "Structural insights into the functional divergence of WhiB-like proteins in Mycobacterium tuberculosis"PDF IconPaperZoom Link
July 18, 202212:00pm - 2:00pmPDD 1026Journal Club on Dr. Fenton's research: Paper - "Rheostat functional outcomes occur when substitutions are introduced at non conserved positions that diverge with speciation"PDF IconPaperZoom Link
July 20, 202212:00pm - 2:00pmPDD 1026Journal Club on Dr. Herschlag's research: Paper - "Revealing enzyme functional architecture via high-throughput microfluidic enzyme kinetics"PDF IconPaperZoom Link
August 3, 202212:00pm - 2:00pmPDD 1026Journal Club on Dr. Robertson's research: Paper - "Membrane transporter dimerization driven by differential lipid solvation energetics of dissociated and associated states"PDF IconPaperZoom Link
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