Eighth Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics Workshop

Workshop Events (PDD – Lozier Center for Pharmacy & Drug Discovery)

TimeLocationWorkshop Events for August 15, 2019
8:30amPDD AtriumBreakfast
9:30amPDD 2006"Disease-Causing Mutations Inhibit Ca2+-Mediated Conformational Switching of Calmodulin on the NaV1.2 IQ Motif"
Presented by Dr. Madeline Shea from The University of Iowa
10:30amPDD 2006"Life Under Extreme Conditions: How Do Proteins Adapt to High Hydrostatic Pressure?"
Presented by Dr. George Makhatadze from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
11:30amPDD 2006"Structural Studies of Binary Toxin from C.difficile"
Presented by Dr. Edwin Pozharski from The University of Maryland School of Medicine
12:30pmPDD AtriumLunch, Posters & Corporate Sponsor Displays - Lunch Provided
2:00pmPDD 2006"Imaging Smaller and Smaller macromolecules to Higher and Higher Resolution Using Conventional Cryo-EM"
Presented by Dr. Mark Herzik from the University of California San Diego
3:00pmPDD 2006"Biophysics of Protein Disorder, Single Molecules to Mesoscales"
Presented by Dr. Ashok Deniz from The Scripps Research Institute
4:30pmPDD AtriumPoster Session, Corporate Sponsor Displays with beverages and light snacks
5:30pmPDD AtriumMiTeGen Poster Prizes Awarded!
6:00pmWorkshop Finished.