Eighth Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics Workshop

Journal Clubs

Journal Clubs will precede the workshop and will cover topics related to what the speakers will be presenting during the workshop.

DateTimeLocationTitlePDFRemote Video Stream
July 18, 201912pm-1pmESH 3010Journal Club on Dr. Herzik's research: Paper - "High-resolution structure determination of sub-100 kDa complexes using conventional cryo-EM"PDF IconVideo Stream
July 30, 201912pm-1pmBCC 9.12.330Journal Club on Dr. Shea's research: Paper - "Calcium triggers reversal of calmodulin on nested anti-parallel sites in the IQmotif of the neuronal voltage-dependent sodium channel NaV1.2"PDF IconVideo Stream
Aug 6, 201912pm-1pmESH 3010Journal club, two topics will be covered:
Dr. Makhatadze's research: Paper - "Molecular determinant of the effects of hydrostatic pressure on protein folding stability"
Dr. Deniz's research: Paper - "Modulation of allostery by protein intrinsic disorder"
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Aug 8, 201912pm-1pmBCC 0.12.103Journal Club on Dr. Pozharski's research: Paper - "Atomic structure of anthrax protective antigen pore elucidates toxin translocation"PDF IconVideo Stream